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Renewable energy Co-ops are member owned, which means that members make decisions on projects and investments, and how to best serve the community.

Members have the opportunity to take part in events, get involved in the Co-op’s committees and governance, and benefit from for members only investment opportunities the Co-op offers from time to time.

As a member, you are participating in a movement that is redefining Ontario’s energy landscape.

Membership of the Oxford Community Energy Co-op

Currently, OCEC has 194 individuals and organizations that live in the project vicinity, Oxford County and all of Southern Ontario. Our members are supportive of all renewable energy production initiatives from Wind, Solar, Water (small hydro) and Biogas installations. The vast majority of our members are also owners of OCEC's shares and bonds in which they see healthy returns from the success of our operational projects. 

How to become a member of the Oxford Community Energy Co-op

We invite anyone who is interested in renewable energy to become a member of OCEC, membership is open to all Ontario residents. We particularly encourage members of the Oxford County community to become members as we are developing projects within their borders. 

A membership requires of purchase of a single $100 membership share in the Oxford Community Energy Cooperative, which provides a lifetime membership. The Board of Directors review all new memberships.  

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