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Current Projects


In 2016, OCEC received confirmation that four of our FIT 4.0 Solar applications had been approved. These projects totalling 1.2 MW will feature three commercial rooftop installations and one ground mount installation located in Woodstock, ON. The FIT 4.0 projects are 20-year contracts with the IESO and construction is completed for Accuwright and Uvalux. and Trigon. The largest of the four projects is a 500 KW ground mount solar installation which in currently under construction. We anticipate a commercial operation date for the project to be June 2019.

All preference shares and bonds for this project have been sold.


Oxford Community Energy Co-op has partnered with Prowind Canada and Six Nations in the development and operations of the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm, a project under Ontario's FIT 1.5 feed-in tariff program. The partners entered into a limited partnership, the Gunn's Hill LP, of which OCEC owns 49% of the units.

The Gunn's Hill Wind Farm is sited within the Township of Norwich near the communities of Curries and Oxford Centre. The wind farm includes 10 wind turbines delivering 1.8 MW capacity each.The wind farm produces enough clean, renewable electricity to meet the average annual demands of approximately 6,700 homes in Oxford County.

The wind farm is connected to the local distribution lines. The additional infrastructure which was put in place for this project includes access roads, buried cabling, and a switching station.

The Renewable Energy Approval, a process which all renewable energy projects must undergo to, provide information about any potential impact on the environment and health, was approved in April 2015 by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. The approval was appealed and the REA was confirmed by the Environmental Review Tribunal  by dismissing the appeal in October 2015. The Gunn's Hill Wind Farm achieved Commercial Operation on November 14, 2016. 

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